Guillaume de Conti


Returning to the world of wine in 2011 at Château Tour des Gendres, the family estate, he took charge of part of the marketing of wines and administrative management.
From 2016, he repositions himself in the cellar for part of the year, especially during the harvest and vinification, and takes care of commercial animation in France and for export.

The desire for a smaller domain in his native village began to run through his head in 2018… but nothing was ever done on its own. He then turned to his brother Paul and Yann, the cellar master of the estate, to embark on this new adventure with him.
And guess what: they said YES!!!!



Arrived in 2017, the « little new » took over the position of “cellar master” (a slightly pompous title but he wears it well). This young 25-year-old oenologist deals with formidable efficiency in the management of the cellar, vinification and monitoring of the wines, bottling, etc. In short, he is not often bored! 5 years later he is very exited to work in the cellar of the Domaine Albert de Conti and write this new story with 6 hands with Paul and Guillaume.


The youngest of Francis’son joined the vineyard team with a tractor specificity in 2013. He also completes the cellar team during the harvest and vinification, to create the bridge between the vine and the wine… His 9 years of experience, he is now ready to manage the estate’s 30 hectares of vines on his own… with dad’s 40 years of experience who won’t be far away just in case!


Arrived in 2016, he is one of the driving forces in the vineyard, from pruning to harvesting, he is there to take care of each vine stock and help us produce high quality grapes.
And he does it so well!!

Francis de Conti


Guillaume and Paul’s dad. A young retiree, he was THE winemaker responsible for the vines (and managing partner) at Château Tour des Gendres for… 35 years??? How time flies ! He takes advantage of more time for him but he is not the idle type. He is of invaluable help to us for all the viticulture part and particularly on the maintenance and the adaptation of the equipment to our vineyard. It’s a bit like our own Geo Trouvetou. Just like his father (Albert), Francis repairs, invents, manufactures machines of all kinds to gain autonomy and efficiency in the vineyard. What talent !

Albert de Conti


He is the founding father of the Saint-Julien d’Eymet vineyard. He bought these lands at the end of the 1950s and cultivated vines and cereals there, and raised a few animals there. In particular, in 1965 he planted 5 hectares of planted vines which, 50 years later, became La Vigne d’Albert!

It’s thanks to him that everything started and that’s why we chose to call our domain by his name. When you start from the beginning, everything is often simpler…